Allison Janney’s Five Best Films


10 best Allison Janney movies

Allison Janney’s five best films is counting down our five favorite films starring Allison Janney, who has had many terrific roles through her 100-plus acting credits. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

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An award-winning actor both on the stage and on the screen, Allison Janney is practically a household name at this point. Her reputation defines her as someone who’s happy to take on a supporting role over a leading one, but that’s far from what Janney is truly capable of—any time she’s been given a leading role, she’s completely knocked it out of the park.

Known best for her work on The West Wing and, more recently, on CBS’s multicam sitcom Mom, Janney has proved time and time again to be more than just a side performer. Someone with over 100 credits to their name would have to be a pretty big fan of acting, right? One can be sure that, no matter where Janney’s career takes her, it can be certain that it’ll be worthwhile to go along for the ride.