John Cusack’s Ten Best Films

10 best John Cusack movies

John Cusack’s Ten Best Films is counting down our ten favorite films starring John Cusack, who has had many excellent roles over his nearly four-decade career. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

An 80s heartthrob-turned-21st century A-lister, actor John Cusack has stood the test of time and remained an engrossing presence on-screen. Over the decades, Cusack has proved time and time again to be an unconventional and sympathetic performer known for his resistance to the Hollywood system and his ability to play convincing underdogs again and again.

Naturally, it’s unsurprising to learn that an actor of his type has all kinds of cult favorites under his belt. Cusack is to thank for quite a few iconic movie moments, from his 80s hits to his more recent successes from the 2000s. No matter what the film or when it’s from, it can be sure that—if it’s a John Cusack movie—it’ll be worth checking out. Here are the ones that can’t be missed.