10 best anjelica huston roles

Anjelica Huston’s Ten Best Roles

ComingSoon.net is counting down our ten favorite movies and TV shows starring Anjelica Huston, who has managed to secure countless notable roles throughout her career. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Initially a fashion model, Anjelica Huston’s height and overall demeanor made her the perfect candidate for the feature film industry. Eventually getting involved in plenty of gothic comedies and dramas, Huston found the perfect niche for her talents. Now, all these decades later, Huston remains a prominent figure in the worlds of Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, and countless others.

Anjelica Huston might take home the trophy for embodying the most characters who would go on to become popular Halloween costumes. Witches, fairies, eccentric matriarchs—she’s practically undefeated. The best thing is that, after acting since 1967, she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As she continues to power forward, let’s pay our respects to her greatest credits yet.


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