Olivia Munn’s Five Best Roles


5 best Olivia Munn movies

Olivia Munn’s Five Best Roles

ComingSoon.net is counting down our five favorite movies and TV shows starring Olivia Munn, who has managed to secure plenty of great roles since transitioning from journalism to acting. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

After originally starting out her career as a television journalist on the former video game-centric television network G4, Olivia Munn transitioned into television and feature film work early in the 2010s. Her big break came in the form of a Daily Show correspondent, where she remained for just one year before moving onto bigger and better things.

Now known for her roles in multiple superhero films across two different cinematic universes, her various appearances in big-budget studio comedies, and her dramatic work on television, Munn is practically a household name at this point. She’s only been in the acting game since 2010 or so, but she has nowhere to go but up at this point. As she continues to rack up credits, it’s worth looking at her best performances so far.