Carmen Ejogo’s Five Best Roles


5 best carmen ejogo roles

Carmen Ejogo’s Five Best Roles is counting down our five favorite movies and TV shows starring Carmen Ejogo, who has just begun to receive recognition as an actress but has actually been around for a while now. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Born in London but known for playing mostly American characters, Carmen Ejogo has found success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. From prestige TV to big-budget franchises to gripping dramas and indie horror films, Ejogo has diversified herself across all kinds of different roles in such a short amount of time. She’s still relatively new to such large success in the entertainment industry, but shows no signs of stopping her ascent.

In fact, 2017 saw the actress pick up five different roles—all notable in one way or another. For someone who has been acting since 1986 but has only found great roles in the past decade or so, it’s impressive just how hard Ejogo has worked herself in recent years. As she continues to grow more and more successful, let’s look at her best acting credits so far.