Matt Dillon’s Five Best Films

Matt Dillon’s Five Best Films is counting down our five favorite films starring Matt Dillon, who has had many terrific roles over his four-decade career. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

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An 80s teen idol turned serious 21st century actor, Matt Dillon always manages to bring a level of grit and realism to whatever he happens to be starring in. Across the world of film and television, Dillon has proven his ability as a leading man time and time again. Still, for whatever reason, he seems to be criminally undercast. Still, there are certain filmmakers who know his worth and give him plenty to work with.

Looking like a mix of Jim Carrey and Billy Crudup, Dillon obviously has a knack for both drama and comedy. He’s an Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated actor, to be sure, but his performances are often deserving of so much more than just a nomination. Dillon is a bona fide winner, and is best roles prove this to be true.

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