10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

9 Unanswered Questions About The Dark Knight Trilogy

We all have them. Whether it’s a television show, a song, a book or a film, we all have those guilty pleasures that we’re afraid to tell others about. We’re afraid of their judging eyes, their biting comments and, worst of all, their mean tweets. In public, we scoff at these films but when the crowds disperse and there’s nobody around to movie shame you, it’s a different story. Whether it was maligned by critics, bombed at the box office or enraged social media, this movie is one that you don’t outwardly exclaim you’re a fan of. Secretly, however, it’s one of your favorites. In this article, we’re breaking the format a bit because we’ll be covering the much-beloved Dark Knight Trilogy. This is one of the best versions of Batman audiences have ever seen, but there are still plenty of issues to hate. Still, even despite those issues, we love The Dark Knight Trilogy and we’re not afraid to admit it. We’re also not afraid to point out its flaws, because we’re the internet and that’s what we do.

9) How Did He Get Out Of The Plane?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

This is, perhaps, the biggest unanswered question coming out of the trilogy’s final film, The Dark Knight Rises. At the end of the movie, Batman sacrifices himself by flying a nuclear bomb away from the city and into the harbor. The bomb explodes, and we’re all led to believe that Batman died. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case. He was very much alive and well, vacationing in Italy with Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman). It’s a happy ending, but one question still remains: How and when did he get out of the Bat-Plane? We’re told he set the plane to autopilot, but we saw him leave in it and his friends were watching the plane take off. And another thing is, if Batman didn’t die, that’s kind of a crappy thing to do to your friends. Alfred literally weeps at Bruce’s grave, all the while Bruce is enjoying pasta and wine with Catwoman.

8) Why Did Batman Forgive Catwoman’s Betrayal?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

We’re all for the Bat/Cat romance that has existed between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle for all of these years. But in the context of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce meets Selina, she gains his trust and then leads him to certain death within the sewers below Gotham. She set Bruce up to spare her own life, and Bruce then proceeds to get destroyed by Bane and locked in a pit. When he finally returns, the two barely exchange a cursory word. Bruce just immediately forgave the girl that led him to what she assumed was his death!

7) Why Did They Try So Hard To Make It Realistic?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

It’s unrealistic that a terrorist would dress up as a clown to try and “cause a little chaos.” Harvey Dent wouldn’t have survived that kind of explosion, Bane wouldn’t take control of an entire city and, most importantly, a normal man would not dress up in a bat costume to try and take on criminals. It’s all unrealistic. But that’s why we love it! Christopher Nolan tried to “ground Batman in reality” but the character isn’t made for that. Nothing that Batman does is realistic, and that’s okay. People go to movies to escape the “real world.” They don’t need to see Batman trying to save it.

6) Why Did Batman Keep Going Into Retirement?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

This was one of the biggest gripes from fans of Batman. At the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, we’re told that following the events of The Dark Knight, the Batman hasn’t been seen for 8 years. Similarly, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises Batman finally retires for good, and moves to Italy with Catwoman. It’s a happy ending for a character that usually doesn’t get one. The only problem is, Batman doesn’t stop. Ever. Batman keeps fighting, no matter how much he loses. Batman, unfortunately, doesn’t get a happy ending.  That was the life he chose.

5) Why Would Batman Leave His Legacy To An Untrained Man?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

It was a cute little nod Christopher Nolan gave us when he had John Blake reveal that his real name was Robin. It was a way for Blake to be called “Robin” without actually being Robin. The problem was, John Blake isn’t Robin. He’s not Nightwing and he’s certainly not Batman. In fact, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Blake didn’t actually become Batman. He died. He probably died, because he had literally zero training when it came to being Batman. Blake barely got promoted to being A detective, let alone The World’s Greatest Detective.

4) Who Decided Batman And Joker Destined To Do This Forever?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

Were they? Were they really? When Batman finally apprehended The Joker, the two shared a moment on top of a roof. Joker compared the two to “an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.” In a nod to the characters’ decades-long relationship, Joker tells Batman that they “are destined to do this forever.” It’s a fun little nod to the history between the two, but in the context of the Dark Knight Trilogy, we never hear from or about Joker again. Obviously, Heath Ledger passed away during production of The Dark Knight, which is why he never showed up again. Nolan said he didn’t reference The Joker in Rises “out of respect.” That’s all fine and good, but at least a reference to his whereabouts in the subsequent film would be appreciated.

3) Who Approved This Costume?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

Going along with the “realistic” approach of Christopher Nolan’s films, the bat suit was little more than a Kevlar-infused military suit and a helmet. At least, that’s how it was described in Batman Begins. In an effort to seem more “real,” Nolan made Batman’s costume out to be a functional, yet completely boring take on one of the world’s most marketable logos. Batman’s costume was solid black, with a weirdly-shaped helmet and a logo that could barely be seen. We get that it was supposed to look like it belonged in “the real world” but, again, there’s nothing realistic about a man dressing up as a flying rodent.

2) Why Have Batman Say “I Don’t Have to Save You”?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

]That’s literally Batman’s only job. As a superhero, his job is to save people — even the bad ones. It’s like, rule number one. So no, you might not ‘technically’ be killing R’as Al Ghul but that’s kind of just semantics, dude. You killed the guy. Whatever helps you sleep at daytime though.

1) Why Did Christian Bale Choose That Voice?

10 Things to Hate About The Dark Knight Trilogy

What can be said about Christian Bale’s Batman voice that hasn’t already been said? It’s hysterical. It started off weird in the first film and it only grew in its goofiness through the sequels. We get that Bale was trying to make his Batman scary and intimidating, but it’s hard to be intimidated by a guy who sounds like somebody talking through an old drive-thru intercom.

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