Parapsychologist Russell Targ on the Best and Worst Psychic Movies!


Parapsychologist Russell Targ on the Best and Worst Psychic Movies!

Parapsychologist Russell Targ on the Best and Worst Psychic Movies! had the chance to speak with physicist and parapsychologist Russell Targ, the former head of the CIA-sponsored Stargate Project which began in 1978 as an attempt to research psychic phenomena for military and intelligence applications. The project delved into remote viewing (using ESP to develop impressions about a distant or unseen target) until the mid-90’s, and now filmmaker Lance Mungia (Six String Samurai, The Crow: Wicked Prayer) has created a documentary about Targ titled Third Eye Spies. With the release of this documentary we asked Targ which fictional films he thought represented psychic abilities well and not so well. You can also check out our exclusive clip from Third Eye Spies below!

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“Generally people don’t represent it well,” explained Targ. “‘Ghostbusters’ is very amusing, and that shows the kind of experiment that never works. If you give people a shock when they get a wrong answer that will not help them develop psychic abilities. If you know the target is going to be a circle, a square or a star that puts a lot of mental noise into your channel.”

“I like the Ben Kingsley film that came out about 5 years ago called ‘Suspect Zero,’ because that shows remote viewing,” Targ said. “He interviewed us, so he had an idea of what remote viewing was. I would say that’s the only film where you have something like remote viewing that’s conducted approximately the way we did that. That was successful abroad but not so much in America. I thought it was a good film. ‘Minority Report’ is also very entertaining. ‘Minority Report’ gives you the idea that it is possible to know the future, and I completely agree with that. I think the future is available.”

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After an experiment in psychic abilities at Stanford Research Institute reveals a top secret NSA site, the two physicists behind it all are co-opted by the CIA and the amazing work of their psychic spies is silenced by the demands of “national security.” When America’s greatest psychic spy dies mysteriously and is accused of treason, it spurs program co-founder Russell Targ to fight to get this work declassified, even if it means going directly to his former enemies in the Soviet Union, to the CIA, and beyond to prove the reality of ESP.

Third Eye Spies presents the true story of physicist Russell Targ, his cold war psychic spies and his fight to bring this information public. Evidence is presented by a Nobel Laureate, an Apollo Astronaut, and many formerly undercover military “remote viewers” and scientists that worked for the U.S. Intelligence community. They are now able to speak for the first time. The film consists of compellingly cinematic re-enactments of actual remote viewings done at SRI for intelligence agencies, new data retrieved from recently declassified documents via Freedom of Information Act, and over 30 interviews with every top player involved and how those discoveries are being used today. Targ says that ESP is real whether it is used to find your house keys, or make money on Wall Street; find a kidnapped general or a downed Russian bomber; or discover your own true nature.