First Look at Darren Bousman’s Sacrilege


Yesterday came the official announcement that Red Sea Media had acquired the upcoming horror-thriller Sacrilege from director Darren Bousman. The company is currently shopping the film at the Cannes film market in hopes to get a distribution deal.

With that in mind, our sources informed us of a trailer that was shot for the film and has yet to be shown to the public, but after some digging we found some screenshots from the film’s unreleased trailer on Instagram.

We reached out for comment from Bousman about the images.

“It’s becoming increasingly more common for filmmakers to put together visual aids when pitching a movie,” Bousman told us, “‘Sacrilege’ is such a dark, and specific film, that Ryan Turek, along with a few others and I went off and shot a brief teaser to show potential buyers the style and tone of the movie we wanted to make. The teaser for us was not something we ever planned on releasing, it was made more than anything to act as a companion piece for the reader when looking over the script.”

In addition to the images, we’ve gotten a hold of the teaser poster for the film which you can see below as well.

The film will be produced by Rick Dugdale of Enderby Entertainment through Enderby’s horror division Tony-Seven Films, Sean E. DeMott through Execution Style Entertainment and Chris M. Bonifay through Limb from Limb Pictures. The script is penned by Jared Rivet.

In Sacrilege, a family takes back their son 3 years after he is kidnapped & brainwashed by a devil worshipping cult – now, he would like nothing more than to watch them get murdered. With the cult surrounding their cabin, the family must fight for their lives while trying to undo the damage. No cast has yet been announced.