The 5 Best Carla Gugino Movies

The 5 Best Carla Gugino Movies

When I think about Carla Gugino the phrase Hitting her stride` comes to mind. Though she has been acting for years, played the lead role in the short-lived television series Karen Sisco, award-winning stage performances, and been in numerous films, Gugino seems to be finally getting a long overdue boost to her career. From her role in the 2015 blockbuster disaster movie, San Andreas, to her captivating turn in the phycological thriller Gerald’s Game, and most recently as a mother who loves her children to the point of death in The Haunting of Hill House (both Netflix properties directed by Mike Flannagan), Gugino has made audiences – and critics – sit up, and take notice of what she’s capable of as an actress.

With more roles sure to come her way, one can only hope they will for characters that allow Gugino to further flex and grow as an actress, and make audiences get caught up even if that means scaring them out of their wits.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Feeling the need to add the romance back into their marriage, a couple away for the weekend to a cabin located far from civilization or neighbors. But, just as Jessie’s husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood), handcuffs her to the bed frame, he collapses and dies from a heart attack. What follows is a tense, phycological thriller where Gugino gives an amazing performance of a woman struggling to keep her sanity if she if to survive a truly terrifying situation. Based on the Steven King novel of the same name, director and writer Mike Flanagan, keeps the pacing consistent, and does a great job using making the viewer feel as though they are in the room with Jessie, rather than someone looking in from the outside.

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San Andreas (2015)


After a devastating earthquake hits California, rescue pilot Raymond Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) goes on the risky journey to find his ex-wife Emma (Gugino) and their daughter Blake (Alexandria Daddario). Sometimes the best movies are the ones where you don’t have to think too much about the plot, or what a character’s motivation is, and at times there’s no other genre of film that works as well as a disaster movie. San Andreas is such a film, and while the plot may be simple and predictable the chemistry between Gugino and Johnson works, and the CGI and practical effects are pretty impressive.

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Watchmen (2009)

It’s 1985 and the vigilante Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) is determined to find out who killed fellow vigilante, Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), as he gets closer to the truth, Rorschach discovers a secret plot that could change the world forever. Though characters like Silk Spectre (Gugino), her daughter Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman), Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), and Ozymandias (Patrick Wilson) may not be well known to most viewers, this Zack Snyder live adaptation of the DC Comic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is one that is worth the watch if you want to see inventive visual storytelling and Haley’s portrayal of Rorschach in what is probably one of the most underrated performances in the superhero genre.

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Match (2015)

Believing that Lisa Davis (Gugino) and her husband Mike (Matthew Lillard) are doing research on the history of dance in New York and want to interview him, Julliard ballet instructor Tobi Powell, let’s them into his home, but it soon becomes clear they have another agenda. In a film with only three main characters, Gugino does an admirable job of portraying Lisa as a woman trying to hold her won, in a situation where she’s caught between two strong-willed. Adapted from director Stephen Belber’s own stage play, though it may not be a perfect film, Match weaves the three characters’ stories together, in a way that gives them time to be explored.

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Spy Kids (2001)

When former spies Ingrid Cortez (Gugino) and her husband Georgio (Antonio Banderas) are kidnaped by an evil genius, it’s up to their two children Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) to rescue them. With a cast that is clearly enjoying the material they’ve been given, and original concept sets and prop designs, the film, written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, is an entertaining, fast-paced science fiction adventure, that manages to please both children and adults

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