Jordan Peele Talks Us Trailer, Plus 6 More Doppelganger Movies


Jordan Peele Talks Us Trailer, Plus 6 More Doppelganger Movies

Jordan Peele Talks Us Trailer, Plus 6 More Doppelganger Movies

Now that Universal Pictures has released the trailer for director Jordan Peele’s new social thriller film Us, can reveal the Academy Award winning Get Out filmmaker’s intro to the trailer which we saw earlier this month. Since the film is now revealed to involve a family of doppelgangers, we have also included a list of six more doppelganger horror movies which you can check out below!

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“It has been a labor of love,” Peele stated in his intro to the trailer. “It is a horror film. I dedicated a lot of myself to create a new horror mythology and a new monster. I think that stories about monsters are one of our best ways at getting at deeper truths and facing our fears as a society.”

“Very important for me was to have a black family at the center of a horror film,” Peele added. “It’s also important to note this movie, unlike ‘Get Out,’ is not about race. It is instead about something I feel has become an undeniable truth: That we are our own worst enemies. ”  

6 More Doppelganger Horror Movies

Doppelganger (1993)

This low budget shocker made during Drew Barrymore’s “outrageous” post-child actor period casts the actress as a young woman with a psychotic alter-ego that follows her wherever she goes.

Enemy (2013)

This thriller from Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve casts Jake Gyllenhaal as a dour history professor who stumbles upon an actor in a movie that looks just like him.

Lake Mungo (2008)

One of the most frightening films of the 2000s is this mockumentary about a family grieving for the death of their teenage daughter, only to discover that she may have lived a double life.

The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)

The late James Bond actor’s personal favorite role was this thriller about a man who encounters a double of himself after a car crash, which sets his life on a harrowing new course.

The Broken (2008)

This film finds Game of Thrones star Lena Heady as a radiologist who follows a woman identical to her up to her apartment, which leads to a car accident in which she loses her memory.

Possession (1981)

This harrowing deconstruction of a marriage in freefall features Isabelle Adjani as both Sam Neill’s psychotic wife as well as an identical woman who happens to be teaching his son.

Do you have any other favorite doppelganger movies? Are you looking forward to Us? Let us know in the comments below!

Us stars Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther), Winston Duke (Black Panther), Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Tim Heidecker (Ant-Man and the Wasp) along with Shahadi Wright Joseph (Hairspray Live!), Evan Alex (Mani), Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon (Friends) and Duke Nicholson.

The official synopsis for the film reads: “A mother (Lupita Nyong’o) and a father (Winston Duke) take their kids to their beach house expecting to unplug and unwind with friends (including Elizabeth Moss). But as night descends, their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some shocking visitors arrive uninvited.”

Us is written and directed by Peele (Get Out), who also produces through his Monkeypaw Productions. The film is produced by Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum and Monkeypaw’s Ian Cooper with Daniel Lupi executive producing.

Us will open in theaters on March 15, 2019.

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