CS Interview: Common Talks Here and Now and John Wick

CS Interview: Common Talks Here and Now and John Wick

See Sarah Jessica Parker in the official trailer of Here and Now

AMBI Distribution gave ComingSoon.net the opportunity to talk 1:1 with Oscar winning Selma songwriter and actor Common (Suicide Squad, Girls Trip) about the new drama Here And Now starring Sarah Jessica Parker. We also talk briefly about the John Wick franchise! Here And Now is now in theaters, On Demand and Digital HD, and you can check out the interview below!

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Here And Now which was formerly titled as Blue Night/Best Day Of My Life follows the story of successful singer-songwriter named Vivienne who has receive a shocking life-changing news that challenge her to balance her music, family, and friends, and reflect on her successes and failures. With the support of her mother Jeanne and ex-husband Nick, Vivienne strives to make peace with the city around her.

The cast includes Parker (Sex and the City) as Vivienne, Simon Baker (The Devil Wears Prada) as Nick, Common (Selma, Suicide Squad) as Ben, Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire), Waleed Zuaiter (20th Century Women), Jacqueline Bisset (Murder on the Orient Express) as Jeanne and Renée Zellweger (Chicago, Bridget Jones’ Diary).

Here And Now is directed by Fabien Constant and was written by Laura Eason (House of Cards). Allison Benson (Divorce), Andrea Iervolino (The Merchant of Venice) and Lady Monika Bacardi (To The Bone) are the film’s producers along with Parker. The film’s executive producers are Phil Hunt (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), Compton Ross (Black Mass), Anna Dokoza (Flight of the Conchords), and Luca Matrundola (In Dubious Battle).

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CS: You have a small but  important role in the film. Could you talk about what drew you to the project initially?

Common: Well, I love movies that take place in one day, because usually that day has to have a lot going on for someone to write a movie about it. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character finds out the news she finds out and to has to go through her day and deal with the regular aspects of life and the ups and downs of life, and really not even tell anyone. As a reader and as audience members you really connect and feel for her and have empathy and care about her. And I wanted to be in something with Sarah Jessica Parker anyway. Obviously, she’s a legendary person and actress. So I was just excited about that.

CS: Do you have a favorite role of hers?

Common: I mean, obviously it’s “Sex and the City” for me. Like, that’s what I know her most from.

CS: Were you big-time into that show when that aired?

Common: Well, what’s funny was there was a lady I was dating at the time, she really was into it, so I kind of got into it too, and it was just a fun show. It was part of the culture at that time. Everybody knew it, some would use it as a reference, so I was into it, by merely being around, so and I appreciated it.

CS: You play a manager in the movie. Since you’re in the music business as well, what do you think it is that enables a manager to actually help an artist creatively?

Common: I think what helps a manager help an artist creatively is first knowing that artist. Who they are, and knowing what their space is, meaning creatively what type of things get them going and inspire them, where do they sit in the market, and how to connect them with that. The manager’s job is how to give them that platform to make it as… not convenient, but give them access to all the things they need to be at their best. I think what makes for a good manager is knowing what drives your artist, what drives the person you’re representing, and also, being able to be honest.

CS: Where do you think your character Ben falls in that spectrum?

Common: Definitely he is a truth teller, but on the same token he also is the caretaker too. He nurtures her because he has a true friendship and bond with her that is beyond any romantic thing, beyond any manager dynamic. He just cares for her as a person. I think that’s important, that as a manager you can care for the individual that you may be representing. But yeah, my character really fell in the place of somebody who truly cared and was honest, but also knew how to give her a hug when she needed a hug and give her a reprimand or a correction when she needed a correction.

CS: One of my favorite things in “John Wick: Chapter 2” was your character Cassian, because of all the people that Wick went up against Cassian was the closest to being on the same level as him. He felt like a guy who was formidable. Can you talk a little bit about coming back for the third part?

Common: I’m not in the third part, but I could say that I really loved being a part of “John Wick 2” and it was an amazing experience. Working with Keanu and Chad, they’re just phenomenal. Challenged and really passionate about the stuff, and I can say that three is going to be incredible, though, I’ll tell you that much.

CS: I didn’t know. I had read somewhere that you were in it. 

Common: Yeah, no, no, I’m not in it, but I know it’s going to be great.