Winnebago Man

Release date:July 9, 2010
(NY; LA release: July 16)

Studio:Kino International

Director:Ben Steinbauer

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jack Rebney

Genre:Comedy, Documentary

Official website:

Plot Summary:

"Winnebago Man" reveals the story of Jack Rebney (a.k.a. "the angriest man in the world"), who has delighted and fascinated millions of viewers with his hilariously foul-mouthed outtakes from an RV sales video--one of the first and most infamous underground videos to be passed hand-to-hand on VHS tapes, before YouTube turned it into a full-blown viral phenomenon. Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer takes on the seemingly impossible task of tracking down Rebney, who turns out to be more savvy, deep, weird, and cool than anyone could have imagined. In short, he's a star. "Winnebago Man" is a hilarious, smart, and unexpectedly poignant look at one man's response to unintended Internet celebrity, and ultimately a story of how a so-called 'humiliation' can become a beacon of light to many.

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