Wilde Salome

Release date:October 25, 2013


Director:Al Pacino

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Al Pacino, Jessica Chastain, Kevin Anderson


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Plot Summary:

Referred to by actor/director Al Pacino as his most personal project ever, the unconventional feature documentary "Wilde Salome" invites audiences into Pacino's private world, as he explores the complexities of Oscar Wilde's acclaimed play "Salome," Wilde himself and the birth of a rising star, in actress Jessica Chastain. The film offers an unprecedented behind the scenes look at Pacino's odyssey. Pacino's raw exploration in "Wilde Salome" is one of obsession, determination, commitment and above all, passion. Wilde Salome is unlike any other documentary, a profound vision that explores religion, literature, politics, violence and sexuality from one of the world's greatest artists—writer, Oscar Wilde.

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