Who's Your Monkey?

Release date:March 28, 2008

Studio:Screen Media Ventures, LLC

Director:Todd Breau

MPAA Rating:R (for language, sexual content, some drug material and violence)


Starring:Scott Grimes, Jason London, Scott Michael Campbell, David DeLuise, Kevin Durand


Plot Summary:

Bobby Stork, a beer guzzling widower, runs into his old friend Mark Van Houten, an out of work doctor who has resorted to making crystal meth to pay the bills. Bobby discusses Mark's problem with their mutual friends Laith Rukkab, an uptight guy who's packed on a few pounds but somehow lucked into landing a pretty girlfriend and Hutto, a soon-to-be father and the most together out of the four. The friends decide to give Mark the throwing stars they played with as kids to bring him back to reality. Laith is outraged when he finds out Mark has been selling crystal meth to Reed, a drug dealer involved in animal porn. On their way to drop off the throwing stars at Mark's house, Laith and Bobby pass by Reed's car, filled to the brim with his "actors" Laith frees the animals, but loses a throwing star in the process. The break-in and loss of his animals sends Reed into a fit of rage. Upon arriving at Mark's house, Reed sees a throwing star at and thinks that he's found the person who broke into his car and turns violent. In an act of both desperation and self-defense Mark kills Reed with a throwing star. Bobby, Laith and Hutto come to Mark's rescue and the group's childhood friendship is rekindled. After numerous road blocks, the foursome eventually finds a way to dispose of the body and in the process each man learns something about himself.

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