Where Hope Grows

Release date:May 15, 2015

Studio:Roadside Attractions

Director:Chris Dowling

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for thematic issue involving drinking and teen sexuality, and for brief language and an accident scene)


Starring:Kerr Smith, Kristoffer Polaha, Danica McKellar


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Plot Summary:

"Where Hope Grows" is an inspiring story about Calvin Campbell (Kristoffer Polaha), a professional baseball player who was sent to an early retirement due to panic attacks at the plate. Even though he had all the talent for the big leagues, he struggles with the curveballs life has thrown him. Today, Calvin sleepwalks through his days and copes with the challenge of raising his teenage daughter (McKaley Miller). As his life heads in a downward spiral, it is suddenly awakened and invigorated by the most unlikely person – Produce (David DeSanctis), a young-man with Down syndrome who works at the local grocery store.

As Calvin slowly loses the chip on his shoulder, he begins to see the world through Produce’s eyes. Calvin’s life begins to regain purpose and meaning as their friendship develops. The unlikely pair become intertwined in a way that gives Calvin a renewed perspective on the future. But their friendship is put to the ultimate test when an unexpected tragedy occurs due to a single decision echoed from Calvin’s past. "Where Hope Grows" is a film about finding redemption through faith, hope and love.

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