Two Gates of Sleep

Release date:April 1, 2011

Studio:Borderline Films

Director:Alistair Banks

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Brady Corbet, David Call


Plot Summary:

A luscious widescreen meditation on nature, death and Southern discomfort. Somewhere on the Mississippi-Louisiana border, brothers Jack (Brady Corbet, "Funny Games") and Louis (David Call, TV's "Gossip Girl") prepare for their mother's imminent death. Their communication limited to glances, they hunt a gorgeous animal, cook a special meal and share last moments of quiet intimacy with the woman who bore them. Once she succumbs, they ignore society's expectations and undertake an arduous journey to bury her along the riverbank. The film shuns narrative conventions through exactingly spare techniques that magnify the tension and melancholy in every frame. Ants swarm in the dirt, trees form a green cathedral, and the brothers step deeper into the muddy river. Evoking the elemental themes of Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying," "Two Gates of Sleep" is a film of rare beauty that calls attention to seldom seen customs of the rural South, and paints a shattering portrait of a family overcoming extraordinary circumstances to honor a final request.

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