Tuya's Marriage

Release date:April 4, 2008

Studio:Music Box Films

Director:Wang Quan An

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Nan Yu


Plot Summary:

Set in the remote inner Mongolian grassland, "Tuya's Marriage" is the moving tale of Tuya (Nan Yu,) the iron-willed wife of Bater, a herdsman who has been paralyzed. Tuya takes up the sole responsibility to make a living for her family, but her hard labor highly endangers her health. Faced with a harsh reality, the couple decides to divorce so that Tuya can seek a better life. Imposing her own conditions - her new husband will have to take care of Bater, their children and their herding land - the strong-minded, stubborn, but gentle Tuya embarks on an arduous and at times unintentionally comic search for a new husband in this Mongolian design for living. She meets suitors who are rich but disingenuous, likable but shy, and keeps her family together against insurmountable odds. Wrenching and beautiful, "Tuya's Marriage" is the indelible portrait of a strong woman determined to save her family, herself and their ancient way of life.

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