Turning Green

Release date:November 6, 2009
(LA; NY release: Nov. 13; Chicago release: Nov. 20)

Studio:New Films International

Directors:Michael Aimette, John G. Hofmann

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Timothy Hutton, Alessandro Nivola, Colm Meaney, Donal Gallery


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Plot Summary:

Ireland. The land of poets and preachers, saints and scholars. And one angry, xenophobic, masturbating machine – James Powers (Donal Gallery). After his mother died and his father decided he didn't want him, James and his little brother were shipped to Ireland from America. And that's where we meet James, six years later in 1979, living with his three Irish aunts in absolute disharmony. Rather than try to fit in, James has instead been devising ways to get the hell out, to somehow make it back to America. In order to fund his dream, James has already quit school and collects for the local bookie, Bill the Bookie (Alessandro Nivola) and his right hand man Bill the Breaker (Timothy Hutton). While on a short trip to London, James discovers something they don’t have in Ireland. Porn. Ever the opportunist, James – with a little "borrowed" money from his downtrodden friend Tom (Colm Meaney) – makes a little investment in a boxful of dusty old girlie mags. Soon enough, James has enough cash to get both him and his brother back home. But just as he seems on the verge of reaching his goal, James has to decide where home really is - a place or a state of mind.

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