Release date:December 2, 2005
(limited; top 20 markets: January 20, 2006)

Studio:The Weinstein Company, IFC Films

Director:Duncan Tucker

MPAA Rating:R (for sexual content, nudity, language and drug use)


Starring:Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan, Graham Greene, Elizabeth Peña, Jon Budinoff

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

Bree is a perfectly adjusted conservative transsexual woman. Born Stanely, a genetic male, she's about to take the final step to becoming the woman Stanley always wanted to be - until she finds out that she is the parent of a long-lost 17 year-old son. Afraid to tell the rebellious teenager the truth, Bree embarks on a journey with him that will challenge and change both their lives and bring them closer to the truth of their connection. "TransAmerica" is a funny, touching, completely modern look at the modern American family, starring Emmy award winner Felicity Huffman and Kevin Zegers.

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