Three Stars

Release date:September 21, 2012

Studio:First Run Features

Director:Lutz Hachmeister

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jean-Georges Vongerichten, René Redzepi, Yannick Alléno, Nadia Santini, Olivier Roellinger, Sergio Herman, Sven Elverfeld, Juan Mari, Elena Arzak, Hideki Ishikawa


Plot Summary:

Filmmaker Lutz Hachmeister’s prolific exploration of 10 esteemed chefs who hold the honor of the coveted three star Michelin ranking. "Three Stars" depicts the daily drama of life in the world’s finest restaurants including exclusive interviews with and intimate access to some of the world’s most talented chefs as they work in their gastronomic laboratories, hunt for exquisite ingredients in local markets and gather rare edible plants along rough coastlines. Hachmeister’s camera reveals the kitchen rituals of these culinary innovators, probing their varying food philosophies that embrace the highest convictions on molecular gastronomy and innovation alongside the exaltation and embodiment of local ingredient sourcing and traditional cuisine. The Chefs include Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef of Jean George in New York; René Redzepi, Chef of Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark; Yannick Alléno, Chef of Le Meurice in Paris; Nadia Santini, Chef of Dal Pescatore in Runate, Italy; Olivier Roellinger, Chef of Les Maisons de Bricourt in Cancale, France; Sergio Herman, Chef of Oud Sluis in Sluis, the Netherlands; Sven Elverfeld, Chef of Aqua in Wolfsburg, Germany; Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, Chefs of Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain; and, Hideki Ishikawa, Chef of Ishikawa in Tokyo. Watch in wonder as these culinary masters perform such gastronomical feats as the deconstruction of a raspberry, the delicate assembly of caviar blinis with salmon cream, decrusting rhubarb baked in a sugar cylinder with the blow of a hammer and the perfecting of a quintessential handmade pasta. With access to the vision, craft and kitchens of some of the most revered chefs in Europe, and with commentary from the powers that be at the Michelen Guide, "Three Stars" is a non plus ultra cinematic foodie fantasy experience.

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