The Wishing Spell

Release date:TBD

Studio:20th Century Fox

Director:Chris Colfer

MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Family

Plot Summary:

Based on Chris Colfer‘s bestselling book series is getting the film treatment. "The Land of Stories" began in 2012 and is described on the series’ official site as follows:

Alex and Conner’s biggest fear has come true. "The Land of Stories" fairy-tale characters—both heroes and villains—are no longer confined to their world! With sinister plans being put into motion by Morina, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, and the rest of their evil literary army, Conner doesn’t think the situation can get any worse. That is, until Alex goes missing! While mayhem brews in the Big Apple, Conner and his friends will have to fight their biggest battle yet. But without Alex by his side, Conner doesn’t know how he will win the war and keep everyone he loves safe. Can Conner find Alex before it’s too late? And can the twins restore order between the human and fairy-tale worlds?

"The Wishing Spell" has had a sequel published every year since. "The Enchantress Returns," "A Grimm Warning," "Beyond the Kingdoms" and "An Author’s Odyssey" are set to be followed by a sixth and final book, "Worlds Collide."

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