The Universe of Keith Haring

Release date:October 24, 2008

Studio:Arthouse Films

Director:Christina Clausen

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Madonna , Yoko Ono, David LaChappelle, Kenny Scharf, Andy Warhol, Junior Vasquez, Fab 5 Freddy


Plot Summary:

An intimate portrait of the world-renowned artist Keith Haring whose mantra was "Art is for everyone!" The film is an intimate exploration of his background and career of one of the most popular and significant artists of the 20th century. The film features interviews and archival footage of Fab 5 Freddy, Jeffrey Deitch, Kim Hastreiter, Grace Jones, Madonna, Yoko Ono, David LaChapelle, Kenny Scharf, Carlo McCormick, Andy Warhol, Ann Magnuson, Tony Shafrazi, and Junior Vasquez, among many others. Audio excerpts from original interviews with Keith Haring, were conducted by Haring's biographer John Gruen (Keith Haring: the Authorized Biography). The film's theme song is by the famed DJ and record producer, Junior Vasquez, with an original soundtrack by Angelo Talocci.

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