The Stroller Strategy

Release date:June 14, 2013
(NY; LA release: June 28)

Studio:Rialto Pictures

Director:Clément Michel

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Raphaël Personnaz, Charlotte Le Bon, Jérôme Commandeur

Genre:Comedy, Romance

Plot Summary:

Like the hit American comedy "Three Men and a Baby" (adapted from the French "Trois hommes et un couffin"), "The Stroller Strategy" shows what happens when a baby unexpectedly enters the life of a young bachelor. This charming, modern tale stars French heartthrob Raphaël Personnaz as Parisian Thomas Platz, who is suddenly made the guardian of a baby – then pretends to be its real father in order to win back Marie (Charlotte Le Bon), the girlfriend who dumped him a year before. Stuck between staying a manchild forever, and proving he is ready to take the next steps of marriage and family with the love of his life, Thomas goes on an unexpectedly hilarious adventure getting the girl of his dreams to believe he has changed.

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