The Strip

Release date:December 4, 2009

Studio:Fortress Products

Director:Jameel Khan

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Dave Foley, Noureen DeWulf, Billy Aaron Brown, Frederico Dordei, Jenny Wade, Cory Christmas, Chelcie Ross, Gail Rastorfer Amy Stock-Poynton, Tenique Mathieu


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Plot Summary:

"The Strip" is a character-driven comedy dissecting the lives of five employees of a low-end electronics chain called, Electri-City. The ensemble of colorful, yet grounded, characters takes us deeper into the monotonous world of working at a strip mall. Bound by the constraints of suburban life and a ¼ mile of strip mall, they, like everybody else, dream of something more. As their stories interweave their friendships are tested. Ultimately they struggle together to find that some dreams are not worth chasing.

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