The Strange Little Cat

Release date:August 1, 2014

Studio:KimStim Films

Director:Ramon Zürcher

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Leon Alan Beiersdorf, Matthias Dittmer, Lea Draeger

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Family

Plot Summary:

In the hands of masters like Jacques Tati, Lucrecia Martel, and Chantal Akerman, cinema that at first appears to merely observe and record is in fact masking intricately constructed commentaries, built from seemingly mundane experiences. In the case of "The Strange Little Cat," an extended family-dinner gathering becomes an exquisitely layered confection ready for writer-director Ramon Zürcher’s razor-sharp slicing. A mother desperately trying not to implode and her youngest daughter who explodes constantly form poles between which sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, cats and cousins weave in and around each other in the tight domestic space of a middle-class Berlin flat.

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