The Silence Before Bach

Release date:January 30, 2008

Studio:Films 59

Director:Pere Portabella

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,



Plot Summary:

"The Silence Before Bach" is a mélange of genres including narrative vignettes and documentary sequences on the theme of the transformational power of great music. At one moment his camera records a subway car packed with passionate cello-playing musicians; at another he is following a guide who gives tours of Leipzig dressed in full Bach regalia; and in a third he stages Felix Mendelssohn’s discovery of sheet music for the “St. Matthew Passion” used by a butcher to wrap meat. By turns funny and serious, poignant, sexy and refreshing, "The Silence Before Bach" is very nearly unclassifiable, like so much of Portabella’s oeuvre.

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