The Russian Woodpecker

Release date:October 16, 2015


Director:Chad Gracia

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Fedor Alexandrovich


Plot Summary:

"The Russian Woodpecker" follows Ukrainian artist Fedor Alexandrovich on a thrilling and surreal journey in search of the “criminal” behind the Chernobyl catastrophe. A victim of that disaster, Fedor discovers a dark secret that leads to threats against his life all amid growing clouds of revolution and war in his homeland. This mystifying and magnetic painter – irradiated by Chernobyl and battling the ghosts of the Soviet Union – is a symbol of Ukraine itself.

Fedor Alexandrovich was four years old in 1986, when he was exposed to the toxic effects of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and forced to leave his home. Now 33, he is an artist in Ukraine, with radioactive strontium in his bones and a singular obsession with this earth-changing catastrophe. His investigation begins with a question: What really happened? Was there more to the story than the Soviet government let on? And, most importantly, what is the enormous steel structure now rotting away a few miles from the disaster site: a towering Cold War weapon nicknamed "the Russian Woodpecker" for the clicking sound it emitted, interrupting radio frequencies around the world? In Gracia's conspiracy thriller of a documentary, Alexandrovich returns to the radioactive Exclusion Zone and the crew goes undercover to find answers. What they discover is a bombshell...

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