The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

Release date:November 17, 2006

Studio:Zeitgeist Films

Directors:Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Amira Casar, Assumpta Serna, Cesar Sarachu, Gottfried John


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Plot Summary:

"The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes" is the breathtakingly beautiful and long-awaited second feature from the Brothers Quay. On the eve of her wedding, the beautiful opera singer Malvina is mysteriously killed and abducted by a malevolent Dr. Droz. Felisberto, an innocent piano tuner, is summoned to Droz's secluded villa to service his strange musical automatons. Little by little Felisberto learns of the doctor's plans to stage a "diabolical opera" and of Malvina's fate. He secretly conspires to rescue her, only to become trapped himself in the web of Droz's perverse universe...

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