The People vs. George Lucas

Release date:May 6, 2011
(NY; LA release: May 13)

Studio:Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Director:Alexandre O. Philippe

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Gary Kurtz, Neil Gaiman, Anthony Waye, Dale Pollock, Dave Prowse


Official website:

Plot Summary:

Revered by some, feared and demonized by others, George Lucas is undoubtedly the most talked about and criticized filmmaker in movie history. Why have so many Star Wars fans turned against him to decry the release of the Special Editions and the Prequel Trilogy? Why is George Lucas the constant target of bloggers, critics and self-proclaimed devotees? And why are millions of others staunchly prepared to defend him in the face of innumerable accusations? The People vs. George Lucas aims to answer those questions, and to impartially deconstruct the cultural legacy of a man whose life, feelings and creative impulses remain largely shrouded in mystery. Paying tribute to the YouTube culture in unprecedented fashion, this groundbreaking documentary film features professional HD footage and amateur homemade videos in equal amounts to craft one of the most original, entertaining, cinematic, and widely anticipated portraits in the history of the medium–the world’s first digitally democratic documentary.

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