The Last Mountain

Release date:June 3, 2011

Studio:Uncommon Productions, DADA Films

Director:Bill Haney

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:William Sadler, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. , Maria Gunnoe, Bob Webb


Plot Summary:

"These people who come from all over the country to save the Appalachian mountains, to me, they are the heroes of American democracy." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., environmental activist, attorney, professor and author of "Crimes Against Nature" Bill Haney's ("The Price of Sugar") urgent new documentary "The Last Mountain" is a true David vs. Goliath story celebrating everyday people heroically working together to stop a giant corporation from destroying their community's environment and economy. Featuring veteran environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr., alongside local West Virginia community activists Maria Gunnoe and Bo Webb, as well as countless others, "The Last Mountain" shines a light on their dedicated pursuit to stop major coal corporations from continuing Mountain Top Removal, a mining practice which is known to create health and environmental hazards, in addition to eliminating local jobs. The concerns these grassroots protesters have about America's growing energy demands aren't local to Appalachia; they affect us all. Their fight is a fight for our future.

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