The Kids Grow Up

Release date:October 29, 2010

Studio:Shadow Distribution

Director:Doug Block

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

In his "51 Birch Street," one of the most highly praised personal documentaries of recent years, Doug Block took a hard look at his parents' marriage and his own relationship with his father. With his latest project, the filmmaker turns in the other direction, offering an exceptionally moving film about his relationship with his only child, Lucy. Block has filmed his daughter from the moment of her birth, but now she has turned 17, and is just months away from leaving home for college. Moving fluidly between past, present, and the fast-approaching future, Block uses a lifetime of footage to craft not only a loving portrait of a girl transitioning into womanhood, but also an incredibly candid look at modern-day parenting, marriage, and what it means to let go.

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