The Iceman

Release date:May 3, 2013


Director:Ariel Vromen

MPAA Rating:R (for strong violence, pervasive language and some sexual content)


Starring:Chris Evans, Winona Ryder, James Franco, Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta, David Schwimmer, Stephen Dorff, Robert Davi, Danny Abeckaser

Genre:Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime

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Plot Summary:

Inspired by actual events, "The Iceman" follows notorious contract killer Richard Kuklinski (Academy Award® nominee Michael Shannon) from his early days in the mob until his arrest for the murder of more than 100 men. Appearing to be living the American dream as a devoted husband and father; in reality Kuklinski was a ruthless killer-for-hire. When finally arrested in 1986, neither his wife nor daughters have any clue about his real profession.

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