The Heart Machine

Release date:October 24, 2014


Director:Zachary Wigon

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:John Gallagher Jr., Kate Lyn Sheil, David Call, Louisa Krause, Roderick Hill, Halley Wegryn Gross, Libby Woodbridge

Genre:Drama, Romance

Official website:|

Plot Summary:

Tracking two parallel journeys that show how digital media complicates modern love, "The Heart Machine" explores the evolving relationship between physical and emotional intimacy, isolation in the urban hive, and the seduction of hiding behind a screen. This modern mystery tells the story of Cody (John Gallagher Jr.) and Virginia (Kate Lyn Sheil), who fall in love online, despite the distance between them. Through an interrelated series of events, Cody suspects that Virginia might not actually live in Berlin and may even live in the same city as he does, and seeks to find the truth. "The Heart Machine" questions love and intimacy in the digital age, and whether you can really trust whom you meet on the internet.

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