The Girl

Release date:September 17, 2010
(NY: LA October 1)

Studio:Olive Films

Director:Fredrik Edfeldt

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Blanca Engström


Plot Summary:

In a lonely house on the countryside a ten year old girl takes her first steps from childhood into the world of grown-ups. The girl has to spend her summer with her bohemian aunt when her parents go to Africa to work with an aid project. But the aunt isn’t reliable and when she goes off sailing with a man she has met, the girl decides to take care of herself. A tragic and humorous journey starts, a journey that will put the girl through many tests. Through her neighbours and occasional visitors to the house she meets an absurd and insensitive grown-up world. Losing contact with reality, she becomes more and more withdrawn from the outside world, yet manages to find some relief in her own world of books, dreams, pictures and experiments.

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