The Flowers of War

Release date:January 20, 2012

Studio:Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Director:Zhang Yimou

MPAA Rating:R (for strong violence including a sexual assault, disturbing images, and brief strong language)


Starring:Christian Bale, Zhang Xinyi, Huang Tianyuan, Tong Dawei, Atsuro Watabe, Shigeo Kobayashi, Cao Kefan


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Plot Summary:

"The Flowers of War" is adapted from Geling Yan's historical novel "13 Flowers of Nanjing." The film is a work of historical fiction set against the backdrop of the Rape of Nanking, a brutal chapter in the Sino-Japanese War, which was a significant event in Chinese history. Produced and fully financed by Zhang Weiping under his New Pictures Film banner, "The Flowers of War" is inspired by true life events, and tells a genuine story of hope, love and sacrifice. Set in 1937, Nanking stands at the forefront of a war between China and Japan. As the invading Japanese Imperial Army overruns China's capital city, desperate civilians seek refuge behind the nominally protective walls of a western cathedral. Here, John Miller (Bale), an American trapped amidst the chaos of battle, and the ensuing occupation, takes shelter, joined by a group of innocent schoolgirls and thirteen courtesans, equally determined to escape the horrors taking place outside the church walls.

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