The Favor

Release date:May 2, 2008

Studio:Dark Night Productions

Director:Eva Aridjis

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Frank Wood, Paige Turco, Ryan Donowho, Isidra Vega


Plot Summary:

An intimate family drama about an orphaned youth and the man who adopts him, "The Favor" will open for an exclusive engagement on May 2, 2008 at Quad Cinema, located at 34 West 13th Street in New York City. Tony Award-winning actor Frank Wood ("Side Man," "Michael Clayton," "Dan in Real Life," "The Royal Tenenbaums") turns in a powerful, understated performance as Lawrence Hull, a middle-aged bachelor who lives a quiet existence with his dog in Bayonne, New Jersey, and works as a pet photographer and a clerk at the local police station. When his high-school sweetheart, Caroline (Paige Turco), calls him one day, Lawrence’s life takes on a new dimension and romantic memories come to life. He reconnects with the now-divorced Caroline, but loses her all over again when she dies in a freak accident shortly after. Lawrence forms an unexpected attachment to her son, a 16-year-old malcontent named Johnny (Ryan Donowho, "The OC," "Broken Flowers," "A Home at the End of the World"), and decides to adopt the boy to prevent him from going into foster care. Lawrence tries hard to be a father to Johnny, but Johnny wants nothing to do with him. Johnny dabbles in drug use and theft, exhibits behavioral problems at school, and hides behind a wall of anger and silence. His only soft spot is for a pretty neighborhood girl named Mariana (Isidra Vega), with whom he develops a relationship. Eventually Johnny comes to recognize that Lawrence is the father figure he has been searching for.

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