The Doorman

Release date:July 18, 2008

Studio:Gigantic Pictures

Director:Wayne Price

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Lucas Akoskin, Mevlut Akkaya, Tim Bauman, Brian Blessinger, Peter Bogdanovich


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Plot Summary:

In "The Doorman," a film crew has set out to make an insiders guide to the legendary New York City club scene with its most famous gatekeeper, Trevor W., "starring" as their host. Trevor has the power. He knows people. But more importantly (as Trevor points out), he knows people who know him. After mysteriously losing his job, Trevor fails to inform the film crew following him. He struggles to keep up appearances in front of the camera while his glamorous, jet-set "celebrity" lifestyle goes into an abrupt and awkward tailspin.

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