The Contenders

Release date:July 16, 2010


Director:Marta Mondelli

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Anna Gutto, Adam Henry Garcia, Marta Mondelli, Nick Stevenson, Laura Caparrotti, Eon Grey, and Melanie Cecconi


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Plot Summary:

Nora and her husband Ken host a birthday party in their vacation house by the sea. The guest of honor arrives first but, due to some ailment, retires upstairs. The other guests, Veronica (returning from an eight-year-spell in Europe) and Marc (an unfaithful married man) complete the party. As the night unravels, one of the guests inexplicably dies. Will the marriage of Ken and Nora, marred by Ken’s repressed subservience and Nora’s obsessive jealousies, last the evening? And will the nostalgic Veronica, and the childish Marc find peace? Before dawn, the remaining friends indulge in sex and slices of cake, as they grapple with their own relationships, their friend's death, and the secret of happiness. When the sun appears, who of these "contenders" will ultimately find what they are looking for?

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