The Boys & Girl From County Clare

Release date:March 11, 2005

Studio:First Look Pictures

Director:John Irvin

MPAA Rating:R (for language, some sexuality and nudity)


Starring:Phil Barantini, Zelia Attzs, Patrick Bergin, Charlotte Bradley, Margi Clarke, Andrea Corr, Shaun Evans, Bernard Hill, Colm Meaney, James Nesbitt, Marc O'Shea, Philip Richey

Genre:Comedy, Romance, Musical

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Plot Summary:

This heartwarming comedy centers on two brothers, John Joe and Jimmy, who haven't seen each other in twenty years. Having parted on bad terms, they meet at the All Ireland traditional music finals as leaders of rival Irish dance bands. Romance ensues between Anne (Andrea Corr), a beautiful fiddle player, and Teddy, a brilliant young flute player, members of the rival bands leading to more than just a musical rivalry.

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