The Big Shot-Caller

Release date:May 15, 2009

Studio:Stella Films

Director:Marlene Rhein

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:David Rhein, Marlene Rhein, Laneya Wiles, Leslie Eva Glaser, Robert Costanzo, Rodney Lopez, Mariana Parma, Natasha A. Williams, Maria Soccor, Paul Borghese, Stephanie Bush, Phil La Rocco, Johnny Solo, John Marean, Aliya Yasmeen


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Plot Summary:

As a child, Jamie Lesser watched "Strictly Ballroom" ninety-seven times a day and dreamed of becoming a salsa dancer. But in 'real life,' his social awkwardness, failed love life and severe near-sightedness got in his way. After insurmountable disappointments, he turns to his estranged sister, Lianne, a streetwise, self-proclaimed hip hop dancing dynamo, who inspires him to follow his dream, reclaim his self-esteem and become what he was truly meant to be. A triumphant, heart-warming story played by real-life brother and sister David and Marlene Rhein (who also directs), and featuring the beats of the break out salsa band La Excelencia.

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