The Best Offer

Release date:January 1, 2014

Studio:IFC Films

Director:Giuseppe Tornatore

MPAA Rating:R (for some sexuality and graphic nudity)


Starring:Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Donald Sutherland, Sylvia Hoeks


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Plot Summary:

This is the simple, touching tale of a solitary, cultured man, no longer young, whose reluctance to engage with others is matched only by the dogged obsessiveness with which he practices his profession of art expert and auctioneer. Asked to handle the valuation and sale of a mysterious woman’s priceless heirlooms, the antiques dealer finds himself enveloped by a passion that will transform his grey existence forever. It can be explained as a film about art, seen as the sublimation of love, but also as a film about love, seen as the product of art.

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