Tennis, Anyone...?

Release date:November 11, 2005

Studio:RIA Productions

Director:Donal Logue

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Donal Logue, Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, Stephen Dorff, Kirk Fox, Paul Rudd, Maeve Quinlan, Danny Trejo, J.P. Manoux


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Plot Summary:

In a wickedly funny comedy about friendship, fatherhood and the utter lunacy of celebrity/charity tennis tournaments, Donal Logue and Kirk Fox star as two Hollywood outsiders who have so little left to lose that they will do anything to beat their mortal enemies. Director/co-writer Logue (Best Actor at the Sundance Film Festival for "The Tao of Steve" and star of the sitcom "Grounded for Life") returns to independent cinema with a gritty and surprisingly poignant look at two men who just may end up doing something meaningful with their lives. Watch for especially sharp and nasty performances by Jason Isaacs as an arrogant sitcom star, Stephen Dorff as a jingoistic country singer and Paul Rudd as a tennis racket wielding porn star.

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