Release date:July 15, 2011

Studio:Sundance Selects

Director:Errol Morris

MPAA Rating:R (for sexual content and nudity)


Starring:Joyce McKinney


Plot Summary:

This dark, funny and altogether surreal new film from Errol Morris ("Fast," "Cheap and Out of Control," "The Fog of War," "Standard Operating Procedure"). With "Tabloid," Morris further redefines and pushes the boundaries of documentary film with the tale of Joyce McKinney and the infamous "Case of the Manacled Mormon." In 1977, Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney flew to England with a pilot and a bodyguard to abduct the love of her life, Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson. Or was it to liberate him from a cult? Joyce, all of the people that cross her path, and the British tabloids help construct an epic Rashomon-like tale that is as hilarious as it is unbelievable. Part black comedy, part film noir, "Tabloid" is always surprising and features one of the most captivating characters of Morris's career.

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