Swap Meet

Release date:August 18, 2006

Studio:Code Black/Universal

Director:Jeff Woolnough

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Nelly , DeRay Davis, Rochelle Aytes, Clifton Powell, Mya


Plot Summary:

A tentacular retail center (Big Box) is about to swallow up one of Inglewood's tasteous morsels, South Central's-Slauson Swap Meet. "Swap Meet" shows us how the Meet's myriad denizens, Terrence (Nelly), and Dwayne (DeRay Davis) put aside their jealousies to confront the challenge of saving the Swap Meet. In the process several slackers Terrence and Dwayne find love with Chanel (Rochelle Aytes), Katrina (Mya), happiness and a sense of self in the journey. It's filled with eclectic and hilarious characters who share their stories, jokes, and their lives with us.

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