SucideGirls Must Die!

Release date:March 12, 2010

Studio:First Look Studios

Director:Sawa Suicide

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive nudity and language, sexual content, drug use and some violent images)


Starring:Amina , Bailey , Daven , Evan , Fractal , James , Joleigh , Mary , Quinne , Rigel , Roach , Roza , Sawa


Plot Summary:

What is it about watching other people shaking in terror that freaks us out and yet still engages our attention? Why are movies like "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity" so successful with movie audiences? These are two horror films that blurred the lines of horror and reality. One film steps further – "SuicideGirls Must Die!" Here's the hook: Twelve sexy, edgy, beautiful women from the famed SuicideGirls website ( shoot a pin-up calendar while staying at a remote cabin in Maine. One by one, the girls start disappearing, leaving the others scared and running for their lives. Seen through the eyes of both hidden and the girls' own cameras, this unscripted story captures the ladies - all non-actors and unaware their every move is being recorded - in the first reality horror movie of its kind.

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