Starter for 10

Release date:February 23, 2007
(NY, LA; wider release: March 9)


Director:Tom Vaughan

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for sexual content, language and a scene of drug use)


Starring:James McAvoy, Ian Bonar, Dominic Cooper, James Corden, Benedict Cumberbatch, Charles Dance, Alice Eve, Raj Ghatak, Rebecca Hall, Julian Hensey, Elaine Tan, Catherine Tate, Simon Woods

Genre:Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary:

Set in the mid-Eighties, "Starter for Ten" is a romantic comedy about a working-class student (James McAvoy), struggling to make his way in the rarified world of an Upper-class British University. On his way to achieving his long-held ambition to appear on the British TV Quiz Show, University Challenge, he falls in love with his beautiful teammate (Alice Eve) and forms a plan to win her heart through his advanced general knowledge skills. "Starter for Ten" is a bitter-sweet comedy about loyalty, class, falling in love and the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

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