Shooting Shona

Release date:TBD

Studio:February Films, Blue Grotto Pictures

Directors:Abner J Pastoll, Kamma Pastoll

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Sam Burke, Tim Downie, Blake Biddulph, Dipika Guha,

Genre:Thriller, Mystery

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Plot Summary:

"Shooting Shona" is an intimate thriller about the disappearance of Shona's flatmate and her subsequent struggle to find her... Strange things are happening in Belsize Park. Anonymous love letters lie on the kitchen counter. Shona (Burke) has been randomly receiving them for weeks. They make her uncomfortable, only reminding her of how lonely she really is. Her closest friends seem to be moving on in their lives. One morning, Shona finds the shower running and her flatmate has vanished. It becomes apparent that something horrible may have happened when a sinister man (Gosling) breaks into her apartment and rummages through the place. All the while she is certain that she is being followed. Circumstances draw Shona to meet a mysterious man called Art (Downie), and eventually his odd drug dealing friend Leon (Biddulph), and they find themselves piecing together the mystery of Shona's missing flatmate.

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