Sharks 3D

Release date:December 15, 2004
(Las Vegas; wider release: January 28, 2005)

Studio:3D Entertainment Ltd.

Director:Jean-Jacques Mantello

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Not available


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Plot Summary:

Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, "Sharks 3D" is a breathtaking new 3D IMAX theatre film experience that offers audiences an astonishing up-close encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean. Come face-to-face with a multitude of shark species, including the Great White, Hammerhead, and Whale Shark. Witness them as they really are: not wicked man-eating creatures, but wild, fascinating and endangered animals that have been in existence a million years before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Join the expert team of ocean explorers that brought you "Ocean Wonderland 3D" on this unique round-the-globe expedition documenting the life of the ultimate predator.

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