Satanic Panic

Release date:September 6, 2019

Studio:RLJE Films

Director:Chelsea Stardust

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Rebecca Romijn, Hayley Griffith, Ruby Modine, Arden Myrin, Jerry O'Connell, AJ Bowen, Jordan Ladd, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Hannah Stocking, Michael Polish, Whitney Moore, Skeeta Jenkins

Genre:Comedy, Horror

Plot Summary:

Sam’s first day as a pizza delivery driver is not going according to plan. At the end of a long day and not enough tips, her last delivery turns out to be for a group of Satanists looking for someone to sacrifice. Now in a fight for her life, Sam must fend off witches, evil spells and demonic creatures, all while trying to keep her body – and soul – intact.

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